Skillshare! Stick N Poke

Skillshare! Stick N Poke

Knowledge belongs to everyone! We don´t need expensive courses or stressing, critique based spaces to learn to learn skills or gain knowledge. Skillshare is a practice where people share skills they have, directly to each other. And all this because the best way to learn is to do it together!

We are starting Skillshare-nights at Squat Kumma, where everyone has the possibility to learn and teach something regardless of experience in a communal, pressure free space.


We start with Stick n Poke tattoos. 24.11/17.00-21.00


These tattoos are easy to make without a tattoo machine, or any kind of weird tools.

We’ll be supplying the tattoo needles and ink that’s suitable for skin. Well also show you how to get tattoos done easily, hygienically and safely. Come poke yourself or your friends at Kumma.


Squat Kumma, Puustellinpolku 15 (Malminkartano)

House Meeting

House Meeting

Cold and dark nights are coming but let’s keep Kumma warm!

Squat Kumma is already on it’s third year and now would be a perfect time to update and create new activity. Come with us to the next house meeting on 6th of November to share your ideas, discuss and start off new things.
Together we can make a better social center.

At the moment Kumma is hosting bi-weekly People’s kitchens, where we cook vegan food together, mostly from waste. As well as monthly varying gigs. There’s also lot’s of new activity planned for example skillshare-nights.

Squat Kumma
Puustellinpolku 15, Malminkartano
6.11 at 18:00
We offer coffee, tea and something small to eat





Squat Kumma invites graffiti writers and all sorts of artists to
decorate Kumma for upcoming diy festivals on thursday 30.8

send email to

or just come to the house



17:00 “Artvandalism” workshop

How to cut stencils or to use spraypaints? Whats the best way to make
wheat paste or make paint bombs? In this workshops we go through basic
practices of art vandalism and why reclaiming cities walls should be
important for anarchists.

Workshop is free

20:00 Music and dj:s



FLORALL ( cutest in the game // )


15:00 Pizza

Squat kumma starts the day with pizza

16:00 Stick n poke tattoo workshop.

Practicing and doin handpoke tattooing. Come and make tattoo for your
friend or on yourself. Kumma will provide tattooing materials so we wish
that people would donate little bit to cover the costs of inks,
needles,glowes and so on. However if you dont have any money thats not a

19:00 Film documentary: If a tree falls

+ documentary about social center satama.


14:00 Fleemarket/Freemarket/freeshop/Distro(s)

Come and bring your old clothes, distro, whatever! There will also be
kummas own zine distro.

16:00 Building workshop

Kumma will provide materials for creatin. You can build art
installations, furniture, whatever you want!

17:00 Food

18:00 Playing basketball, football etc


Changes in the program are possible!





Squat Kumma celebrates its 2 year journey in august with a hardcore gig on saturday 25.8 and a DIY-festival on 31.8-2.9. At the DIY-fest there will be workshops about tattoos and “artvandalism”, food, gigs, art exhibition and more!

Two years ago a group of squatters decided to squat an empty house in Malminkartano, Helsinki and create a space for self-organized and free from oppression. Since then the squat has hosted numerous events; gigs, peoples kitchens, movie nights, workshops etc.


What does Do-It-Yourself mean for us?

DIY for us is anti-capitalism, squatting, taking back our lives, solidarity, direct action and many other things. It is not only a theory but an action that we want to spread right here and now.

We dont want to create a consume-based event but to create a space for sharing skills, learning from eachother, experience and emancipate. No-one has to be a expert to participate because DIY for us is also Do-It-Together.


More specific schedule and workshop info coming soon!

Welcome to Kumma in late august!


If you have questions or want to help organizing the festival please contact

kumma (at) of Squat Kumma facebook.

People’s kitchens time is changed!

People’s kitchens time is changed!

The people’s kitchen’s are moving from Monday to Tuesday! The next people’s kitchen will be on 26.6. and after that they will continue every other Tuesday. If the weather is good, we can move the dining outside. Otherwise we’ll continue as before: the food is vegan and made mostly of deficit food, and we take in donations.