People’s kitchen at Kumma every other Monday!

People’s kitchen at Kumma every other Monday!

Today 7.5.2018 we organized our first regular people’s kitchen at Kumma. From now on food and us are available every other Monday at 18-20, so take along all your friends, kids, grandparents, cats, dogs and all other cool guys and dash to fill your stomachs with our cookings!
The food offered is vegan and mostly made of waste food. We wish to get donations to cover the food costs and to support paying the rent and other activity of Kumma (recommendation price 2-6€), but everyone is welcome to eat regardless of their economic situation. Everyone willing can also join us in organising the people’s kitchens, so send us a mail if that interests you and we’ll add you on our mailing list, maybe we can then turn the people’s kitchens even into weekly ones.
Kino Kumma presents: La Haine (1995) on Sunday 14.1.

Kino Kumma presents: La Haine (1995) on Sunday 14.1.

We will present the French movie of Mathieu Kassovitz called Le Haine (1995) on Sunday 14.1. It will have English subtitles. The event is free but there will be hot dogs and beverages sold! The possible profit will be for the squat.

The food will be there starting at 3 pm, and the movie starts at 4 pm. After the movie you can hang out until 8 pm! The food is vegan, and there are also gluten free and soy free options. Welcome

Trailer of the movie:


12.11 Support party in Squat Kumma for Hambach forest!

12.11 Support party in Squat Kumma for Hambach forest!

Welcome to Squat Kumma on November 12th, to info-event about famous forest protest camp in Germany. Food and sweet stuff is served.

Hambach is a thousands-of-years old forest that is very important to the european ecosystems. In April 2012, the forest was occupied to protect it against the expansion of the RWE coal mine and the cutting of the forest.
The forest occupation was evicted the first time in 2012, but soon after it was re-occupied and the protest camp continued.

From year to year the forest has gotten smaller as the coal mine area expands, and now there’s very little left. Now awaits an interesting struggle for the last remaining forested area. The Hambi protest camp is also known for its radical and diverse tactics, and its strong support of animal and gender rights.

Food is served at 16:00
Info at 16:30

Trouble: You Are Being Watched — watching and discussion at Kumma

Trouble: You Are Being Watched — watching and discussion at Kumma

On Monday 14th at 18.00 the fifth episode of SubMedia’s Trouble will be watched at Kumma. This time the topic is surveillance, both by infiltrators and social media. There is time reserved for discussion after the video. There will also be present comrades from here and Berlin to tell personal experiences about living under the surveillance of police.
Trouble offers deep anarchist analysis about on-going struggles, tactics and movements’ dynamics. The series aims to clarify our perspective on the world and to courage people to work together against repression. It is designed to be watched in groups and to create discussion.
Welcome to watch, discuss and hang around! We will have a movie screen, video projector, coffee, tea, snacks and comfortable seats. Please do bring snacks, pillows etc. of your own!
House phone number for acute questions: 046 954 6154

Safer space & accessibility

There are principles for a safer space in the house, so respect other people’s boundaries and personal space. Sexism, transphobia, homophobia, racism or other disrespectful behaviour won’t be tolerated.
Unfortunately Kumma is inaccessible. There are small stairways at the entrance, toilets are small and there are any doorsills in the house.

21.7. Project Dekadenz, Hauta, Paratiisi

21.7. Project Dekadenz, Hauta, Paratiisi

Welcome back to Kumma, this time we present to you:

Project Dekadenz /Tartu, estonia

Project Dekadenz is aggressively flickering flame among social problems. Our aim is to seed society’s heart with rebellious fetus. Just as we support primitive society, we make corresponding music. Fast, agressive and primitive ‘in your face’ tactic could cause you an heart attack and thus makes the rythm drabbling and raunchy as it is appropriate to d-beat.

Hauta /Tre
Hc – punk Finnish band from tampere

Paratiisi /Hki
Paratiisi is a punk band from helsinki

Doors at 19.00

Safer space
There are safer space rules in the house – let’s respect everyone’s private space. Sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia or othe discriminating behavior won’t be accepted. Tell other people if you see or experience violating behaviour. Let’s keep the space safer together!

Squat Kumma is unfortunately hard to access if one has physical disabilities, for example a wheel chair. There are stairs at the entrances, doorsteps inside the house and the toilets are quite small.