What is Kumma?

What is Kumma?


Kumma is an autonomous space in Malminkartano, Helsinki

We want to determinate by ourselves in what kind of spaces we spend our time in. We want to have a common space where there is a possibility to meet people without having to buy something. We want a safe space where everyone is respected. The need for free spaces in Helsinki has been big and that’s the reason why Kumma was squatted.

Now there’s a space for everybody, and its purpose is to create free, living culture without discrimination, capitalism or inequality. Kumma invites people to meet friends, to make new acquaintances, to spend time, to organize events and to take part in the house project!

Current week program:

There is no weekly program, but we organise gigs and other irregular events, for example tattooing, cooking and poetry evenings. There have also been rumours about regularly hold lectures and (language exchange) cafés. Stay tuned – or even better: come along to plan future activities!

Events are free of charge, unless told otherwise. If you want to, you can support the house and donate a penny or two for running expencies.

Could I arrange events..?

Have you always dreamed about preparing seitan, making a queer themed zine or reading essays out loud? Or do you know a person who knows a lot about some interesting topic? Or have you searched a space where you could arrange your tantra and clowning workshops? Do you consider self sufficiency skillsharing to be the first step towards a new amazing world?

If you answered yes to any of the above make your dream come true and come and arrange an event at Kumma. Contact the house or come for a visit – let’s get the thing rolling!

Safer space

There are safer space rules in the house – let’s respect everyone’s private space. Sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia or othe discriminating behavior won’t be accepted. Tell other people if you see or experience violating behaviour. Let’s keep the space safer together!


Squat Kumma is unfortunately hard to access if one has physical disabilities, for example a wheel chair. There are stairs at the entrances, doorsteps inside the house and the toilet is quite small.